paper flag

These  hours that

rhapsodize the night

carry the scent of scandal

or the aroma of summer

fruit that fails to ripen.

This fragile nest where we

fly our paper flag seems

nothing more than

spider silk fragmenting.

We offer our hearts to a cold blade,

Plunge blindly from the highest cliff.



We are all sinners, every last one of us; it is only the good in us that wishes we weren't. So don't harm that good, no matter how small.

Art by Angela Taratuta



because I love you

I know I love you

because when I think

of you my heart feels full,

a pond choking with water hyacinth,

their hungry   roots reaching deep

into the beds of yearning,

overflowing walls of longing

where I am so afraid to fall .

Because I love you I forfeit

my privilege, allow my heart

to drown in you  as though you

are liquid.



Vincent Van Gogh