Cherry Blossoms – Holly Rene Hunter

Thank you Kristiana and Free Verse Revolution


A mass of  tangled limbs we cling to each other. I hold tight to baby sister as we toss about the dank floor of the vessel, its boards pelted by the spray of high swells. Her   sweet scent distinguishes her from the others, she has the smell of  blossoms freshly picked. Just yesterday we were lingering along the dirt road that leads from the old school house to our home of splintered walls and concrete floors ignoring by instinct the slant eyes of  men driving an old van closer and closer. Our school books scattered on the path, muffled cries drowned under rumbling motors. Miles from home we are fed La Rochas to  soothe us into sweet fevered dreams. Waking  in a perfumed world of flowered sarongs and  silk fans, we can sense the slits of men’s eyes behind angry walls.


Copyright H. Rene Hunter

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Wild Geese and Gilded Rivers – Holly Rene Hunter

Thank you so much Kristiana and FVR.


This is a day of sun kissed

stones and blustery winds,

of wild geese adorning river banks

their graceful necks and gilded feathers

remind me that I am nothing more than

an  observer  to that enchanted world.

Graceful  limbs of oak reach across

slanted waves to weightless clouds

passing by.

Dipping my fingers into green and amber

circlets I hold my reflection in cupped palms.

Copyright Holly Rene Hunter

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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Freedom – Holly Rene Hunter

Thank you Free Verse Revolution!


In the sweet summer

below the rusty fasteners of

an old swing I pump the air

with the spindly legs of childhood,

dream my wide eyed dreams of whirling

pathways to the beckoning sun.

My heart leaps at the sight of a brilliant

rainbow and with small fingers I reach up

to swathe its colors over a bluepalette sky.

Now I know about life,the real truth of it.

Now I know the swing is just freedom.

(copyright H. Rene Hunter)

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