You’ve  been gone a while but I still miss you.    I knew you when you were stealing bottles from your best friends bar, there never was a lock you needed a key for.  Browsing my photographs I found you on Karlsbad bridge, a cigarette in one hand,  a brown bag in the other.  You are  wearing a wrinkled  tee shirt beneath a  green jacket that reads Universität.   Your eyes   glazed over,  you are  on your way to  or coming from a high.   Remember that recital when you choked on your words and  how I joked   you were my warm up act,  everybody  laughed, even they loved you.   Then with no warning you left me behind when I wanted so much to see you fly.



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the edge of seasons

Even in death we live on

until the last breath can

no longer recall us.

Rooted in the cold ground,

ethereal,  is there a soul

beneath that cold marble?

Has time returned to the origin

before there was light?

Perpetually I come here,

through the edge of every season

beneath the purple sky

I breathe the eternity of you.

Do you ever scream  out unroll the earth,

dislodge these stones?

Do you ever feel my unfathomable

grief in your mouth.