You and I

Gently winding

the current that we sail

softly gliding

this way –

no, fly there.

Hearts beating,  throats

pulsing, supernovae bursting

more brilliant than the sun.

Alone i become

the pulpy heart of a

sand piper begging salt

with soulful eyes

whose cry unravels

the deepest maze or

 spun gold coils.

You and I ,

the sky and sea,

and we the cord strung between.

Wallpaper Girl flight with long braid, clouds, sea, art photography

Like a Butterfly

A heart can fall like a suicide descend through shades of midnight
frozen blossoms on an icy lake
a silent sigh of despair

Let my tongue flirt like 
a butterfly among  fields of 
wildflowers rather than tend old wounds 
lick invisible scars