The Penitent Sky

The waves sweep in
dropping treasures at the shore
retrieving it with outgoing swells.
Shimmering Seagulls, angled ragged
shapes, swooped up by the winds cadence.
Shells and speckled seaweed coexist
with abalone in every shade of color the
eye can hold.
Macaw and ruby parrots fill the trees
and bird of paradise too beautiful to bear.
Within a moments distraction they vanish
beyond the pebbled shore and falcon sky.




I offer the Nape of my neck
to the caress of your  blade.
Press  your lips to the arch
of my throat where melodic
songbirds plunge to their death.
Bring  your gallows and knives,
your sword at the ready.
I will  pierce you with serene eyes
as deeply as love will allow.


this is not meant for you
though you were there.
I am what I have always been,
an elixir of words.
I will not erode like the sand
or patience if it ever was.
Washed up on a restless shore
I knocked and you opened the door.
Now, like the pearls beneath my feet
I carry no burden save love.

Steve Hanks art

borrowed from Pinterest